FJNIN is managed andoperated by Mind Solutions Technology LLP (“FJNIN”, “we”, “us” or “our”), a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, havingits registered office at 4th Floor, Sector – 34 A, BacksidePicadially Square, Chandigarh 160022. For the purpose of these Terms, meansthe website (“Website”) which include its corresponding mobile application named “FJNIN- Experience Quality” ("App") (collectively “Platform”), which is an omnichannel Ecommerce Marketplace, where variousbrands including lifestyle, nutrition, fashion, grocery and electronicssolutions, cosmetics, apparels etc. are listed ("Products") for the users of the Platform ("User(s)").


This delivery andshipping policy (“Policy”), together with the Terms of Use sets outour policies and procedures towards delivery and shipping of Products purchasedon the Platform. 


We provide shipping and delivery of our Products all over India.We aim to provide the best customer experience for you by tying-up andpartnering with leading logistics service providers to handle your order in thebest possible way and to ensure that you have a hassle-free experience inreceiving the Product that you have ordered from the Platform. We make allcommercially reasonable endeavors to ensure that the Products are delivered toyou in a timely fashion.


By agreeing to use the Platform and/ or purchasing a Product onthe Platform, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Policy withoutmodification. We encourage you to read and understand the terms of this Policyevery time you visit the Platform. If you do not agree to the terms containedin this Policy, you are advised not to use access or transact on the Platform.



We partner with thirdparty logistic service providers in order to effectuate Product shipping anddelivery to you ("Logistic Partners"). We shall provide the details of the Logistic Partnerwhich will be responsible for processing the shipping and delivery of anyProduct(s) purchased by you on the Platform at the time such Product isprocessed and successfully handed over to the Logistic Partner by therespective Brand or Seller. In any case the user will be provided with anestimated timeline for the delivery of the Product purchased from the Platform.You can check the status of your order in the ‘My Orders’ section on the Platform. Once you open the page, you can getdetails regarding the order status of individual products in your order. Wekeep the status information of your order updated every few hours and alsonotify you in case of delays. The estimated timeline shall be notified to theuser on the order confirmation page displayed at the time the order isconfirmed by us. We will also share details about your orders pursuant to theirdispatch on the e-mail ID and/or mobile number provided by you/ registered withus.


You agree and understand that though we Endeavour to ship anddeliver our Products all across India, we may, in our sole discretion determinea select list of areas which are unserviceable for delivery of Products. We orour Logistic Partners do not provide shipping and delivery services in suchunserviceable areas and may not process your orders on the Platform in suchcases. In the event an area has been deemed unserviceable by us, we shallnotify such user at the time of placing an order for purchase of Products onthe Platform. You may also verify whether an area is unserviceable fordeliveries by us by entering the relevant area pin-code on the Platform.


You agree and acknowledge that to effectuate timely delivery ofthe purchased Products to you we may inquire or collect specific informationlike your name, shipping address, billing address, landmarks, contact details,etc. You shall ensure that all information that is submitted by you to us onthe Platform is true, complete, accurate and sufficient to identify the actualplace of delivery. You understand that you shall bear absolute liability incase of any failure by us in delivering the purchased Products due to yourfailure to provide correct, complete, sufficient and accurate information atthe time of placing the order. It is further clarified that we shall not beliable in any manner and at any point in time due to your failure to providecorrect and complete information.


We will attempt to deliver the purchased Product to yourdesignated address within the estimated timeline of delivery notified to you.In the event you are not available or present to accept the delivery of theProduct, our Logistic Partners will make a maximum of 3 (three) attemptsto deliver the purchased Product(s) to you.  If the third delivery attemptis unsuccessful and you continue to remain unavailable, we reserve the right tocancel the order of the purchased Products at our sole discretion and processthe return of such Product to the respective Brand/Seller. We further reservethe right to deduct the shipping and delivery charges borne by us whileprocessing any refunds subsequent to such cancellation.


While we make reasonable endeavors in ensuring that purchasedProducts are delivered to you in a timely manner and within the timelinenotified to you, you accept and acknowledge that the delivery may be delayed onaccount of:


Logistical issues beyond our control;


Unsuitable weather conditions;


Political disruptions, strikes, employee-lockouts, etc.;


Acts of God such as floods, earthquakes, etc.;


Other unforeseeable circumstances.


Although we strivefor 100% on time delivery, delays happen sometimes due to unforeseencircumstances at our delivery team’s end. If you haven’t received anycommunication from us regarding a late order for more than 48 hours, feel freeto raise a ticket through the app/website or mail us at orby using the ‘Chat with Us’ option We disclaim all liabilities that may arise on accountof our failure to inform or notify you of delays in the delivery of purchasedProducts on the Platform. Further, we shall be under no obligation tocompensate you for any claim that may otherwise arise on account of delay inthe shipment or delivery or use of the purchased Products.


We endeavor to engage Logistic Partners, employees, agents withthe highest regard for ethics and integrity; and behave in a fashion thatexudes thorough professionalism, competence and good mannerism. You agree andacknowledge that the actions, inactions of delivery individuals are not in ourcontrol, and it is not possible for us to monitor and observe each deliveryexecutive. Since we are merely facilitating delivery of a Product purchased byyou, we shall not be liable for any acts or omissions on part of our deliveryagents, employees, or personnel and/ or the Logistic Partner or theiremployees, agents, or personnel including deficiency in service, wrong deliveryof Product, time taken to deliver the Product, Product package tampering, etc.For the sake of abundant clarity, it is stated that any ill-mannerism, impoliteness,discourtesy or offensiveness shown by our delivery executives or the employees,agents, personnel of the Logistic Partners is beyond our control and any issuearising between you and our delivery executive or an employee, agent, personnelof the Logistic Partner will have to be resolved by the you, independently. Youagree and acknowledge that you will not hold us responsible or require us tosettle, mediate or resolve any disputes between you and the delivery personneldelivering the Products to you.


Once you place anorder on the Platform, we process such order and hand over the purchasedProduct to our Logistic Partner. The User will receive a unique trackingidentity number once the purchased Product is handed over to the Logistics Partner,which will enable the User in tracking the status of delivery of the purchasedProducts. You can check the status of your order in the ‘My Orders’ section onthe Platform. Once you open the page, you can get details regarding the orderstatus of individual products in your order. We keep the status information ofyour order updated every few hours and also notify you in case of delay. Ourcustomer service team coordinates with the Logistic Partners to ensure that theProducts are delivered to you at the earliest and make all reasonable effortsin ensuring that the Logistic Partners update the tracking status of thepurchased Products on a real time basis. It is clarified that we engage thirdparty service providers to effectuate deliveries of the Products and hence, wedo not guarantee the accuracy or correctness of the tracking status and thestatus may be subject to inconsistencies arising out of time-lags in updatingthe information and/ or other technical difficulties which are not in ourcontrol. In case you have an issue, please reach out for help with our customerservice team by using the “Chat with us or Call us” option.


We reserve the right to charge or collect shipping fees onProducts from time to time. Shipping charges may vary based on the value of theProduct, type of Product, area of delivery, payment mechanism, etc.  Thereis a nominal delivery charge for delivery of your product. You agree that weare authorized to collect, on behalf of the Logistic Partner, the shipping anddelivery fees for the delivery service provided by the Logistic Partner. In theevent we charge a shipping fees for the delivery of a purchased Product, suchshipping fees will not be refunded by us pursuant to any return request raisedby you. However, we may make exceptions and refund the shipping fees in theevent a defected, damaged, deficient or incorrect Product (for reasonsattributable to, and accepted by us after due verification in our solediscretion) has been delivered. You acknowledge and accept that the title andrisk of all Products ordered by you shall pass on to you upon the delivery ofthe purchased Products to you. You acknowledge and accept that delivery feecannot be paid via cash back, credit points or coupon codes, if any.


Return of purchasedProducts is facilitated through our reverse-Logistics Partners. On receipt ofrequest for return of Product on the Platform and the same being dulyacknowledged by us, our reverse-Logistics Partners shall get in touch with youin order to collect the purchased Products from you. We process returns andexchanges of purchased Products in accordance with our Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy.


If the User has any concerns, feedback, review or any request,the User is free to contact the Company at Customer care email id: orfor quick assistance, the User may use the ‘Chat with Us or Call us’ option available onthe Platform.